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Torture? See how China gets its way with victimsVideo of last 'suspect' used to coerce 'confessions'

It's a new high-tech torture, officials say. In China, officials severely tortured Christian human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng with the camera running and then coerced a tax evasion "confession" from artist and dissident Ai Weiwei by showing him the Gao video, and warning him that's what could be coming.

The details are graphic. A Christian Newswire statement says electric shock was a part of Gao's torture.

"Fu Zhenghua, the chief of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, instructed those handling the case to show Ai Weiwei the video of Gao Zhisheng being tortured, including shots of electric batons being inserted into Gao's anus and his blood, semen, feces, and urine spurting out," a China Aid report said.

"Fu Zhenghua also issued an order saying: Whatever methods were used on Gao Zhisheng, use the same ones to make Ai Weiwei give in. After several consecutive days of torture, Ai Weiwei was finally compelled to sign a statement of confession, admitting to tax evasion," the China Aid report added.

China Aid spokesman Mark Shan says the video was obtained entirely by the police for use in the torture of other Chinese dissidents.

"The footage is not news video footage. It was a movie by the Chinese government. The torture is real and is known as a worldwide tragedy," Shan said.
Shan also pointed to a January report that gave some of the details of Gao's torture.

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